Pumpkin Favor Box – DIY Fall

Fall came with its scents and colors; I must say that it is what I love about this time of the year, the whole palette of colors that I like; for me, the combination between them creates peace. In this opportunity, I want to share with you this DIY Fall Pumpkin Favor Box , which you can use to decorate and share some favors in any party , tea party or brunch you have at this season.

DIY Fall Pumpkin Favor Box

Pumpkin Favor Box pint


How to make this DIY Fall Pumpkin Favor Box

Supplies :


How to :

To start you must download the following files :

When you have the files, you must cut each piece as shown in the photo

Pumpkin Favor Box 1


Now, with the help of a ruler and a fold bone or tip of a scissors , fold the sides of the box as the photos show

Pumpkin Favor Box 2

Pumpkin Favor Box 3


In the same way fold the tabs by the dashed line, as shown below

Pumpkin Favor Box 4
Pumpkin Favor Box 5


The last parts to fold are the sides of the box that are shaped like a pumpkin

Pumpkin Favor Box 6
Pumpkin Favor Box 7


Put some glue on the tabs on each side of the box as shown in the photo

Pumpkin Favor Box 8


Glue the tabs to each side of the pumpkin

Pumpkin Favor Box 9


Now you have your Fall Pumpkin Favor Box

Pumpkin Favor Box 10
Pumpkin Favor Box 11


You just need to decorate it; take the other pieces and glue them to the box as shown in the photo

Pumpkin Favor Box 12


How easy is this DIY Fall Pumpkin Favor Box ; now is ready to decorate and give any treat you want

Pumpkin Favor Box 13
Pumpkin Favor Box 14


You can fill it with candy, or why not ? , with this delicious chocolate pumpkin chips spice cookies from The  Busy Baker .

I decorated my table in this way

Pumpkin Favor Box 15
Pumpkin Favor Box 16


I hope that this DIY Fall Pumpkin Favor Box will serve as inspiration for your projects. Feel confident to leave a comment or send a photo of your craft projects.

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