DIY Jute Cord Frame Wreath

One of the times I like most of the year is here, and although it’s a little late, I still want to share some DIY with you to decorate our home, like this simple and inexpensive DIY Jute Cord Frame Wreath.

DIY Jute Cord Frame Wreath

DIY Jute Cord Frame Wreath


To make this DIY Jute Cord Frame Wreath you will need to:

  • A photo frame (I bought mine in Dollar tree)
  • Jute Cord (Walmart, but also sold in Dollar tree)
  • Jingle Bells (Dollar Tree)
  • Pine Cone (Walmart)
  • Burlap ribbon (2 different sizes)
  • Hot glue or silicone

First you must remove the glass and the back of the photo fame, leave only the frame; add some glue points in the back of the frame where you will begin to wrap it with the jute cord


Paste the beginning of the cord to one of the glue points and start to roll it around the frame, as you go along add more glue points


Make sure that each turn of the cord fits well together with the previous one


Be careful in the corners of the frame

When you finish wrapping the frame, cut the cord and put some glue on the end to stick it to the frame

At this point you must have something like this:

Cut a long ribbon of burlap that you can fold in half and be the length of the frame, place a jingle bell on each end, I glued the ribbon but you can sew it if you like more


Take the pinecone and put some glue on the top, then glue it at the edge of another burlap ribbon that its length is about ¾ of the length of the frame


Glue the other end of the ribbon in the middle of the upper part of the frame

Make a bow with burlap ribbon and glue it in the center on the pinecone ribbon


To finish, behind the frame, glue the ribbon with the jingle bells, make it as shown in the picture, because you will hang the wreath by it

Ready with this DIY Jute Cord Frame Wreath you already have a simple and different garland, now just place it on your door

I hope this DIY Jute Cord Frame Wreath has been useful or inspiring, do not hesitate to leave your comment

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