Poinsettia Paper Flower

If there is something that identifies the Christmas season is the poinsettia, I particularly like how it looks in the decoration of the home, that is why I could not miss my Poinsettia Paper Flower in my crafts for this season.

Poinsettia Paper Flower

Poinsettia Paper Flower

To make ponsettia paper flower you will need

  • Cardstock paper
  • Glue or hot glue
  • Poinsettia paper flower template
  • Silhouette Cameo machine or scissors

The first thing to do is cut the leaves of the poinsettia paper flower are 5 petals of each size (the amount depends on the size you want your ponsettia paper flower), cut the base, and leaves (optional). The templates are here:

Poinsettia Template PDF

Poinsettia Template STUDIO

Then fold all the petals in half vertically

You can make a cut on the bottom of each petal or fold it a little to give volume to your flower; if you want to just fold the base of the leaf, the flower is also pretty, look at the following photos have both ways

If you use green leaves stick them first to the base, but continue with the next step which is to glue the larger petals to the base

Then glue the next size of petals at the middle of the previous layer

Poinsettia Paper Flower 7

Continue in the same way until finishing with all the petals

Poinsettia Paper Flower 8

For the center you can use yellow gemstones, which was what I did or you can make yellow balls of silk paper are also pretty.

Poinsettia Paper Flower 10

You must have your ponsettia paper flower ready

Poinsettia Paper Flower 9

You can vary the colors and sizes to your liking, the limit is your imagination

That’s how my ponsettia paper flower look. I used them to decorate our Christmas tree

Poinsettia Paper Flower tree

Poinsettia Paper Flower cream

Poinsettia Paper Flower colors

Poinsettia Paper Flower tree lights

I hope this post serves as inspiration, do not hesitate to leave me a comment, that these holidays are full of magic.

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