Medium Paper Rose

Hello, I hope you are having a happy day. If you love roses, this DIY project is totally is for you. Today I will show you one of the many ways to make a medium paper rose. When you finish it loos so amazing and can be a perfect centerpiece, a special decor for your bedroom or even part of a gorgeous bouquet.

Medium Paper Rose


How to make a medium paper rose ?

You will need to:

Cut the following amount of petals according to sizes:

  • Small 8 petals
  • Medium 18 petals
  • Large 6 petals

With the help of a folding bone or a ruler bend the tips of the petals

For the center of the rose, stick two small petals down the bottom

Fold in the first petal as if you were rolling it over, then roll the other petal over the first

Remember that we try to imitate the real roses, you can have a photo on hand or a rose for details

Glue two small petals down the bottom and stick in the center of these the piece you just created

Cover the piece with these petals leaving a space between them

Repeat the last step twice more

Once the center of the rose is ready, we will begin to give it body; take 2 medium petals and glue them below the center of the rose

Note that this time the double of the petals goes down

Glue each petal around the center by placing a point of glue on each side at the bottom of the petal that you are going to stick; you should be giving shape of rose to the petals

Repeat the previous step with two medium petals, you must glue them in the bottom so that they complete a cross like you did the center

Take two medium petals and stick them on the back of the rose in the spaces that remain between the petals

Put glue at the bottom of the petals and incorporate them into the rose

Repeat this step with the medium petals you have left; then place the six large petals in the same way so that you get the desired size (11 “approximately)

Thus must your rose, better said similar to this, as in nature hardly two handmade roses are the same.

Always remember that you must give shape to your rose every time you put a new petal.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and you are useful, do not hesitate to leave me any doubt or comment.

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Bye, Kisses !!


4 Comments on Medium Paper Rose

  1. avatar
    Sharla Royeppen says:
    February 14, 2018

    Do you have a template for the medium rose. TIA

  2. avatar
    Judy Chin says:
    February 19, 2019

    Hi Karina, do you have a template for large rose? Thank you.

    • avatar
      Karina says:
      May 22, 2019

      Hello Judy! Try to enlarge the biggest petal of this template and add one or two more layers. I’m gonna try to make a post about a large paper rose.

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