2018 Archive

⁘ 10 October ⁘
Halloween Haunted House Lantern

Hi there!, today I have for you this Halloween Haunted House Lantern , I like this craft because I can use it in two ways: as a lantern to decorate any spot in your house or party, and as a candy box to give candies to the children; It is simple and unexpensive to make, and very appropriate for this occasion. Halloween Haunted House Lantern  ...
⁘ 25 July ⁘
Mini Paper Rose Leftover Pieces

Hi everyone!  I imagine that like many of you, I do not like to waste material when I make a craft, therefore, in the template of the Mini Paper Rose post, in addition to the pieces needed to make the mini paper rose, I placed in the file other pieces to take advantage of the space on the cardboard; some...